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William & Me

I am officially a dog mad Mum!!!

I used to complain as a child that my Mum loved our dogs more than me! Her babies were two German Shepherds, Max and Yash. Max was her first love and she adored him. After spending years working and travelling the world, when I finally settled down in Australia I felt there was something missing in my life but just couldn't put a finger on it. I had a lovely husband, busy career, busy social life and lots of holiday but still ....

Then I saw a Cavoodle for the first time and that was it!!! After carefully sourcing a reputable breeder, I found a little golden boy and named him William. From the day I collected him on 17 February 2012, he has filled a whole in my life I never knew I had. William is the funniest, cutest, most loving thing I have ever encountered and I defy anyone not to smile when meeting him.

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